Rocky Grams Fall, 2012

Missionary Heartbeat

"Out of your inner being will flow rivers of living water."

What an amazing description of life.    

And Jesus should know.

We will express the overpowering life-producing activity

         of the Spirit of God.    

We participate.

We free those churning waters

Or we block His expression altogether.  

It's our choice.

The latter is a life of unassuming, steady, no surprises comfort.

The former is full of danger and packed with potential.

This week, Roberto Tolosa, IBRP senior, returned from Spain.

While there, he preached in twenty churches.  

An average of four or five people per church received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.                                                     

He also preached in ten towns that have no Evangelical church

And saw great response among the people.

Rivers flowing.

The third day back at IBRP  

he awakened with a start at 4:00 A.M. and saw a vision.

A storage area full of backpacks of many colors and the leadership of the Bible School distributing backpacks to the students,

Who then left for the nations of the world.

"What is in the backpacks?" Roberto asked the Lord.

God's answer: "They're filled with anointing, passion, preparation and the tools to take my Gospel to the nations of the world."

Lord, what do we do with so many concurring words

                                                 from such diverse sources?

"Each student receives a cross and goes to the nations."

      Dave Becker from Kentucky

"Each student receives a backpack and a flag and goes to the nation assigned by God."                                             

Igna de Suarez from Colombia

"You will begin to walk on water."

                                              Felipe Quiñones from Chile

"This is just the beginning of your ministry."

                                    Gladys de Mena from Catamarca ,        

                                                               Northern Argentina

    "This generation will be the protagonists of the greatest revival yet."

                     Damián Gonzalez from Rosario and Indiana, USA

    "The circles of fire are like the ones animals jump through in the circus. The highest and the most difficult is yours."

                            Virginia Contreras, missionary to Argentina

    Lord, are we crazy? Are we lunatic fanatics?

    If we're crazy, it's for God, Paul said.*

    Lord, do we force things to happen?

    No way. We can't anyway. You are the Verb.

    "Pastors will come to the school to be renewed in the Spirit."                                                               

     "You will be going to a new level."

    "The presence of God will fill the school with light."

    "Fresh oil..."

    "Coals of fire about to be extinguished are reignited."

    And the testimonies keep coming in.

    "We were invited to the home of a transvestite who sells his body.  He is open to the Word."

    "The annex church that meets in a garage was about to close down.

    Two of us went to help out with the adolescents and services.

    This past weekend 30 families showed up, including 70 children!"

    "We held an event at the train station. 1500 were there.  

    So many of the kids and their parents ran forward to accept Christ."

    As we speak the Seniors are returning from ministry in Cape Verde, and Mozambique, Colombia and Senegal.

    Our graduates are all over Argentina and in Italy, Spain and Latvia, Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Norway.

    The River is flowing.

    What is our place?

    Let it flow.

    Believe. Obey.

    Let Holy Spirit take the day.

    It's His day anyway.

    *II Corinthians 5:13