Flexible wineskins are the key to so much

By Rocky Grams                        

May, 2004

In the Kingdom of God.

The powerful New Wine is amazing to watch

And so effective in bringing change.

Two of our Seniors are planting a church

This month—during classes—across from the train station--

In the Center of this city of 13 million.

About every other day they are starting a new cell group

Two prostitutes one day, five

Cross-dressers another day,

Another five prostitutes and so many others

Have committed their lives

To the one known as a lover of

Wine-bibbers and street women.

Their first two day campaign May 1st and 2nd

Resulted in 45 decisions for Christ!

They say they have the largest building in the world—

It has no walls and the sky is their roof!

A month ago I accompanied 17 graduates

To Pilar Ñeembucú, Paraguay—

Just across the river …after riding the bus North for 20 hours!

On the little ferry to the other side the “kids” led two people to Jesus.

Already!  Before the official start!

By the time ten days were up, they’d shared

Their testimonies on 3 radio stations

And in various schools and had preached

Simultaneous campaigns

Including two nights in the plaza.

Healings, baptisms in the Holy Spirit,

Conversions, commitments to the call—

And even deliverance from Satanic power—

We thought we’d been transported to the Book of Acts!

One of the students grew up in that town

And opened up the way for 17 people to share one bathroom

And sleep on the church floor

And experience the time of their lives

As God’s power through the New Wine

Impacted a city of 40,000.

Had a spur-of-the-moment idea

For a recent evangelism class with 96 freshman students.

I invited Alberto Romay, graduate and evangelist,

To share testimonies of God’s power.

The first thing he did was call forward those with flat feet.

Six students—two at a time—took their shoes and socks offAnd in front of our eyes, they had the arches placed in their feet

By the Creator of the New Wine.

A young lady was healed of two cysts,

Leonard Campbell, a young man from Honduras,

Had two cavities filled and two teeth reconstituted…by God!

Those two 50-minute classes lasted from 4:30 P.M. to well past 9!

We will give place to the New Wine!

Interviewed graduate Pastor Guillermo Prein this week

Though he preached twelve times a day on the street and once at night

For six months at the beginning of that church-plant in Parque Patricios,

Not one person accepted Christ!

But the owner of the vineyard told him there would be much fruit

And today they have 1,700 cell groups and 25,000 people attending church.

Water baptisms each quarter average over 400!

We’ll give place to the New Wine!

And to power evangelism!