I was four when

                                                by Rocky Grams

She asked me if I wanted to accept Christ.

I did.

I learned to whistle when I was four.

And I’ve been whistling since.

She often celebrated that fact: 

“To find you we just listened for the whistle.”

She laughed as she remembered:  “You always

Called yourself ‘Mr. Worker’.” Once again, she

Affirmed me as a person.

Celebrating the self-description of her 4-year-old son.

She taught me the first notes on the piano.

We learned with her to sing in harmony.

To look for bargains.

To look around and see the needs of others.

And to rejoice in the midst of trying times.

Each year she got us a 75% scholarship at that

American school in La Paz, Bolivia.

She taught us to believe.

We communicated a lot.

Most weeks we received three-page

Single-spaced letters from her.

She cared.  She mentored us.

And she mentored a lot of others.

I can still hear her high pitched “You’re beautiful!”

That echoed all over the Minneapolis airport

The first time she met Sherry.

It was fun to share and communicate with her.

The first years in the pastorate in Menomonie.

The first years here at the Bible School.

Years of growth and risk-taking faith.

“Their works follow them.”

What influence she has had!

I’d like to tell her how many have been impacted

By her buoyant faith.

I’d like to share with her the latest miracles of today.

It’ll have to wait.

She’s with the Lord.

I’ll tell her when I get there.

Craig BaumtrogComment