By Rocky Grams          

Is it cavalier to talk about what’s going on around us

In confident tones of amazement?

Is it emotional or cheap to be moved by what we’ve seen and heard

And touched with our hands?

Is it showing off to share power testimonies?

Is it naïve to believe them?

Is it flippant or coy to talk about goiters disappearing and

Teeth being filled miraculously?

Is it even-handed to only talk about the healings and deliverances and lives mended and redirected, leaving some stories untold?

What if it causes despondency in the listener?

What if there is a 55-year-old believer who has yet to observe a miracle?

What if what we see and hear is unbelievable to some?

What if they judge us awkward or adolescent?

What if our stories get laughed at?

Is it brash to be a witness?

To talk in quiet tones about the evidence that surrounds us?

Are we braggadocios because we talk about what God is doing?

I think not.

“Out of the mouths of babes thou hast perfected praise.”

I ask

Is it right to keep so much good news to ourselves?

Can we keep under our hat under wraps under a bed or a bushel basket

So much free light?

We choose to be spent declaring His works

To the last iota of our strength.

Yesterday a young lady was healed of deep guilt and self-loathing.

Jesus did it and we are just reporting.

Today an intelligent P.K. told me that he wept last night in the service

Till he was empty of all that distracted from his vocation in God.

“I quit manipulating from within,” he said.

“I lost control (to God).”

The puddles of tears at the altar were about 3 inches in diameter.

I don’t think it’s cavalier to state that.

And the glory goes to God.

On Sunday a Chilean young lady received an unexpected gift

From her Risen Lord.

He healed her leg—right there during the service with no fanfare at all.

“It started burning from within and grew out over an inch.  I ran back