Missionary Heartbeat

                              By Rocky Grams

Jolts are part and parcel of missionary life.

The unexpected almost becomes normal.

And “normal” is disquieting.

Jolts--like the time manhole covers and miles of

                        Underground telephone lines

Disappeared to looters’  basic needs.

Or the time we hit 150% inflation—a month.

Or the time bank deposits were frozen.      

              Like now.

And often lately—life disrupted by protesters

Cutting off the flow of traffic—

by burning tires in the road!

Strangely, holidays are the hardest jolts.

Mother’s day in October.  Easter a non-entity day.

A hot summer Christmas.

Christmas last year was a jolt.

Our church put off the Christmas cantata for

An evangelistic campaign with Carlos Annacondia.

Everybody knows evangelists take a break in December.

But they don’t know it here!

What  a way to celebrate Christmas!

Inviting your friends to a healing campaign.

And watching 400 visitors show up--

                        and go forward en masse.

Ten demon-possessed were freed!

It was a jolt alright.

But didn’t the Christ come to give His life for many?

He didn’t come to adorn my holiday tradition.

He came to bring the darkness-bound

                        into the light.

That’s Christmas.

He can jolt us out of the predetermined,

                        preconceived—any time!

Craig BaumtrogComment