Missionary Heartbeat

                                                    by Rocky Grams   

Diminutive but full of the fire of God

Monica asked for the microphone.

“I have a word God gave me for the students two days ago.”

In her freshman year she had been so timid and

Had struggled with serious physical problems.

Now a senior—God has shaped her life to effectiveness.

We were in Thursday night prayer.

One hour at least all together to pray in commitment and intercession.

Speak—and let the church judge. 

That’s what the Bible says.

Here it was:  “Many of you are not declaring your calling

Because of an unfounded fear of pride.

You must honor your call.”

The Holy Spirit was speaking alright.

With firm authority she continued: 

“The missionaries come up here on the right.”

Sixty students called to other cultures walked forward immediately.

“Now the prophets come up on the left. Now the pastors.” 

“Now the children’s pastors. Now the music ministers.  Now the youth pastors.”

Most of the students were standing against the walls all around the chapel

In their respective groups.

A senior came up to me

“I feel a call to teach and want prayer.

That ministry hasn’t been mentioned.” 

Another group of fifteen students.

Each calling began to pray for the other—with tears.

We were honoring each other’s God-given purpose.

I stood amazed that only a small group of students were still seated—

Yet undefined in their call.

Here was the evident diversity of the church.

Here we perceived the reality of Holy Spirit’s voice in their lives.

The dreams of God becoming clear and

The demand of God to risk and honor their ministry now

When everything looks so much like maybe

But in God it’s a resounding yes!

Monica just returned from a Missions trip to Mozambique along

With two other lady students.

They touched many lives in a month.

David has been used in the prophetic in many settings.

Erick has been preaching and God is using him

To heal people in the train station.

Maite and two other young ladies have been preaching

At the station in the fifteen minutes between trains.

Emanuel has been reaching out to street kids.

Elisa has been teaching in the jungles of Bolivia.

They’re all still in training—but the call burns in their hearts.

Holy Spirit, thank you for the deep joy of watching these

Servant leaders grow and learn to trust you. 

We surrender all for the sake of the call.   Yes!          

Craig BaumtrogComment