Missionary Heartbeat

                                                            By Rocky Grams            

The Christian life is supposed to be even-keeled.

Balance and consistency and predictability.  No tossing in the wind.

That’s how my Christian life was two years ago.

But we’ve jumped on a wild ride by faith

And we’re holding on for dear life!

You’re supposed to get your ducks in order before you act.  You do.

And you look again and you have less ducks than you thought.

Counting the cost—isn’t that what Jesus said to do?

Well, we did sit down and count the cost—a lot.

But the faith portion of this exciting undertaking has suddenly grown exponentially.

But God!  He is the Source!  The Provider!

One day I’m exhilirated and so full of faith

The next day I’m full of fear. 

We’ve torn down the chapel to make way for growth.

The new Living Learning Center will give us space for 432 students.

In the meantime, where do we worship?

Where do the students get together to pray, to seek God, to intercede?

Let’s rent the Spanish club mini-auditorium three blocks away.

Imagine 300 students trekking through the neighborhood daily.

Let’s do simultaneous chapels—

One in the cafeteria and the other in the library.

But unity in worship and in receiving the Word is

Critical to the life of the school.

Let’s have chapel in two different shifts in the dining hall.  Maybe...

Then the guidance came—tear out the back wall of the cafeteria and have the kids sit on the stairs going up to the dormitories.

Perfect—now we have just enough space for over 300 of us to worship.

Feels like we’re all sitting together on the platform, but it’s nice!

Alumni and present students wept when they saw the chapel come down.

“That corner is where I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.”

“Behind the piano is where God confirmed my call to Europe.”

In the present transitory location the presence of the Lord is the same

The worship is just as passionate.  The tears come just as intensely! 

God is still confirming calls, purifying and uncluttering minds and healing hearts.

“I saw you and Sherry standing on Bibles.”

A student beautifully used in prophetic gifts was saying it again.

“You are standing on the promises.”

No, that song does not translate that way in Spanish!

“Keep walking.  It’s raining manna, but keep walking.”

“Much growth is on the way.”

“God is entrusting many potential leaders into your hands.”

“You’ve stepped into the Jordan and now you must keep walking.”

The stress recedes when faith floods back in.

Paul had some stressful moments, too!

“Dangers without, fears within.”

The heart of the school is the chapel. 

That’s what I used to think. 

But the heart of the school is actually prayer and worship and the Word.

The presence of God!   It’s tight and uncomfortable, but He is with us!

And we’ll keep walking by faith.  

Craig BaumtrogComment