by Rocky Grams              

Lord, You called us to this battle. 

Sleepless nights of anticipation  before the challenge of the next day

Or of worry and concern at skyrocketing costs and the pressure

Of so much going on simultaneously. 

Lord, this is Your idea.   It’s Your battle.

122 resident students just left for their churches and three days later

309 resident students arrived on campus. 

We’re out of chairs in the chapel.  Out of beds and mattresses.

Out of cups and silverware.

It’s Your battle!

You called us, Lord, to this place of transformation. 

The timid young lady of a few months back is now coordinating youth retreats.

The would-be-suicide is now teaching self-defense and Bible verses in the slums.

The demure and reticent has stated: 

“This course has made me addicted to evangelism.”

The freshman pastor’s kid went back to his church after a year of training and Watched the youth group quadruple.

The former drug addict who had spent eight years in jail has now planted a Church that has grown to six hundred in five years.

It’s your place of transformation where the love of teachers, staff and classmates And Your love has healed so many hearts. 

Lord, You called us to a place of dreams.

Where your called ones catch Your dream for their lives. 

“Jesus to the streets” was a dream You birthed in the heart of Nicolas Ferreyra.

His entire family was involved in this last event in Southern Argentina

Where dozens of young people were preaching on the street corners Simultaneously while 700 others were evangelizing house to house.

That evening 12,000 came together for a music fest about Your love.

Lord, You called us to a place of life.

Classes six days a week all day long and evenings.

Four training programs going on at the same time.

So many churches represented.

Students from so many nations.

We’re stretched to the limit.

But the battle is yours! 

And what a battle it is. 

We’re amazed and grateful to work in this Your place of

Transformation and of life.

Your place of healing, of love,

Of learning to dream Your dreams. 

And simply, to obey.