Missionary Heartbeat

                               By Rocky Grams               

“The Seniors are taking their meal to their dorm rooms to eat.”

“There are people eating standing up, holding their plates.”

Maybe we should set up tables in the chapel as an overflow dining room.

And what about those who fast and pray there?

Maybe we could eat in shifts.

“There is standing room only for chapel services.”

What about using the dining room as an overflow chapel via direct video?

What about the two classrooms we’re missing

For Youth Ministries and the Saturdays program?

Maybe we should limit enrollment.

There was a school I heard of that only let pastors’ kids train for ministry.

Sounds like a make-over of the caste system.

We need the mind of Christ.

What about those couples on the waiting list for next year?

We limited their training opportunity for now.

How to forget their open faced enthusiasm turned to gloom?

Lord, give us the mind of Christ.

We’re still building.  We’ve been building for a while.

And we keep running out of space.

Don’t think Jesus wants us to turn back kids like

Romina—two and a half years ago she was transported by his grace

                  Right out of a life of drunken stupor, prostitution

                  And twisted relationships.

Now she’s glowing with the presence of God.

Gave her testimony in Evangelism class and we were in tears.

Or Laura who was saved by the hug of a six year old child

                 On the very day she had determined to take her own life.

Or Alexis who spent nine months alone in rehabilitation

After a motorcycle accident.

God created a new section of tendon in his leg and called him to ministry.

                 Now his life is listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

Sounds like the mind of Christ.

The chapel is packed with called ones and the powerful presence of God.

We’re stretched to the limit

But believing.

Don’t think we’ll block out any called ones.

Having them here

             Watching them worship

                            Observing them grow and change.

We’ll meet them soon in ministry

As we did the Espejo family 1,100 kilometers South of here.

We found room for them when they came along with their four teenagers.

Three years after graduation was last week

And their church plant is running 100.

Got a hug yesterday from Gustavo, also a graduate.

He has planted two churches, started a rehab center for drug addicts

And is now reaching out to hundreds of retirees.

Glad we found space for him.

We’re finding the mind of Christ.

We’ll keep building as He leads.

Risk taking faith:  water walking and oil vessel borrowing.

That’s the mind of Christ.