Missionary Heartbeat

Missionary Heartbeat By Rocky Grams Spring, 2016

What happens when there is a strong influence

                                                                          to cut loose from the moorings?

What happens when some decide that the root system is useless?

That the foundation is optional? 

What happens when self-proclaimed theologians

Decide they know more than their teachers?

A friend’s church was split recently by modern day proponents

Of a return to the Law with all its trappings.  

They’ve held this brand new posture for three months

And have not studied or understood Galatians or Hebrews—

Written twenty centuries ago.  

Some think that today and the future eclipse everything else.  

It’s a mindset of the times.  

“We don’t want what the church had in the past,” they say.  

“We’re going for a new paradigm shift in everything. “

John didn’t think he invented the truth.  

He just reported “what we have seen and heard  and touched” 

Concerning the Truth—a Person—our Lord.  

The One who said:  “If you’re thirsty, come to Me and drink.”  

The One who satisfies.  

How fragile is the Church?

When the chain that went from Jesus to John to Polycarp to Irenaeus

And stayed unbroken on through to Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley

And Aimee Carmichael and Maria Woodworth-Etter

And Carlos Annacondia and Dante Gebel

And Loren and Millie Triplett

And Monroe and Betty Jane Grams and Dick and Cynthia Nicholson.

When that chain becomes obsolete and is broken, then we are lost.  

Like a ship with no rudder or anchor.  Like a cell with fractured DNA.

We become irrelevant if we decide that the center is

To be just as smart or smarter  than those who are wandering around clue-less out in the cold of night.  

How do we approach the one who thinks that he is wiser than his mentors?

The one who teaches others to doubt and to reject the altar?

We approach him with firm and careful love.  

At times called tough love.  

Full of grace

But also full of truth.  

We will not compromise.  

We’ll continue to believe the Apostles’ doctrine and practice

And vivid experience.  

Don’t think we’ll get a lot of slaps on the back

From the pundits of today.  

But we’ll just keep striving for the only praise that will count.

The “Well done” we’ll hear up there

From the One who answers and  satisfies all.  

The One who will make sure

That the chain is intact right up to the trumpet call. 

November 2009

                       MISSIONARY HEARTBEAT

                               by Rocky Grams                                November, 2009


It’s springtime in Buenos Aires!  Our neighbors have an amazing tree that produces thousands of little seeds at this time.  They are little balls the half the size of marbles and they are a nuisance.   I almost slipped and fell on the sidewalk when I stepped on a couple dozen of them the other day.  The lawnmower today sent those little missiles zinging right across the street!  Dangerous little items.  Asked what the name of the tree is:  “paraíso.”  Paradise.  That will preach!  We have a prolific, generous God!  He makes sure that one tree produces thousands of seeds.  What amazing potential!  And the opportunity to spread “paradise” all over.  Life—growth—hope—healing—restoration.  But there is an Enemy who wants to trample on every one of those seeds. He wants to mow them across the pavement and into oblivion.  I’ve seen it happen.  “You are the good seed.”  And someone doesn’t allow the seed to be planted or digs it up just as it is about to produce fruit. One young seedling was so passionate for God in his junior year that he was coordinating evangelism encounters from various provinces simultaneously.  Young people who didn’t even know him were so impressed by his speaking and his compassion for the Lost that they would take the message straight to the train station, Kneel in the middle of the crowd to draw attention and then preach the foolishness of the Cross. “Satan has desired you to sift you,” Jesus said to Simon. “But I have prayed for you.” My seedling friend had a major falling out and has been sidelined from Fruitfulness for well over two years now.  Another seed full of enormous promise is driving a taxi and sleeping around.  Both he and his wife are graduates and lived the same intense chapel services and classes and times of deep devotion.  Well-known in their community, they were producing so much fruit.  However,  A wife can only take so many beatings and being called a cow in front of the kids.  “But I have prayed for you.”  Did I not pray enough?However, there are so many graduates, paraíso seeds, That have produced tremendously.Nicolás Ferreyra, recent graduate, coordinated 8,000 young people via internet to go out and serve and evangelize in their communities all over Argentina. God has used him to impact a portion of Canada, to boot!  Alberto Rey—two congregations totaling well over 2,000 and 15 churches planted.  Duilio and Marcia Aristimuño, on their way to Asia to spread the Word of life Graduates Osvaldo Carníval and his wife Alejandra, 25,000 members in the church and the host of the Spanish 700 Club.  Tonight with our present students during prayer meeting I called for those who have been used to heal the sick.  Sixteen came forward!  Graduates Daniel and Noemí Rodríguez are pastoring in Mallorca, Spain.  Over 1,400 are meeting on two campuses and the church is growing!  Students on Missions trips to Northern Argentina, Brazil and Chile and Ecuador.  Lord, protect the seed of every life and produce your amazing and prolific harvest!  This year we will have 140 graduates.  Take those seeds all over the globe and germinate the potential of eternal paradise in the hearts of many! 

Missionary heartbeat by Rocky Grams Summer, 2010

Is it a special place if people weep there in God’s presence almost every day? Is it a special place if people pray and worship and intercede there all the time?

Is it a special place if students are desperate to find a place to pray?

A merchant walks on campus and comments on the peace he feels.

A student begins to tremble during a short time of counsel in the office:

“I feel something different here.”

A group of students begin to laugh unto tears during our day of Fasting and Prayer.

A senior student from Colombia purchases a cookie from a street vendor and says

“God bless you!”  The man begins to shout!  He has been healed of deafness.

A freshman goes on his second trip with the ministerial team and learns how to take authority over demons.

Training in the Word and a life of devotion are a constant in this place.

In this place a life is transformed from timidity and self-absorption to influence and leadership and compassion.

In this place life-long covenants are forged of sacrifice in the pastorate or

On the foreign field.  

A young woman is here in our freshman class.  She was won to Christ by the change she saw in her incarcerated father—he, her mother’s assassin, is now part of the church leadership and is encouraging her to train in this place.

In this place a young man has reached his junior year.  He was won to Christ from a life of drug dealing and contraband and robbery.  Previously running with the demon-possessed and desperate, now he is helping to restore lives.  

In this place God is birthing dreams in his heart.

In this place there are often tears when the Word goes deep during chapel times

Or during evening services.

When a teacher interrupts class because Holy Spirit is moving.

When a student gets a slip and faces leaving due to non-payment.

Is it a special place when volunteer construction workers from Tennessee and Wisconsin and California and Missouri who never knew the school say a tearful goodbye to students they just met?

Is it a special place when there are visions and dreams that ring true in our heats?

An American visitor newly arrived:  “I saw a whirlwind of fire with the epicenter on the school swirling and sending fire around the world.”

A sophomore student:  “I saw students in prayer in a bubble of fire

About to explode.”

A junior:  “I saw hundreds of students laughing and walking around in the new building and so many people, older people unseen to them, kneeling behind the walls their hands raised in intercession.”

A church leader from Minnesota:  “You are not on the last chapter or the middle chapter but on the first chapter of the book.”

A pastor from California:  “I saw you and Sherry seated and the students as a protective circle around you, facing out, hands raised and interceding.”

An Argentine pastor:  “What is ahead is so much more.”

A graduate who ministers worldwide and spoke in chapel this week:

“I saw angels running through the buildings!”

Is it a special place when the staff keeps working year after year despite consistent shortages? 

So much going on.  So much to do.  

So much faith to keep on track with what God has shown us.  

We would give anything to work here.

We have given our all.  Staff and teachers and so many more

Have sacrificed immensely to help keep this mix viable.

This is His place

And we are His coworkers.  We belong to Him and are so grateful to serve at IBRP,

Instituto Bíblico Rio de la Plata.

A place of dreams from God, of tears, of laughter, 

Of potential projected and realized.