Missionary heartbeat by Rocky Grams Summer, 2010

Is it a special place if people weep there in God’s presence almost every day? Is it a special place if people pray and worship and intercede there all the time?

Is it a special place if students are desperate to find a place to pray?

A merchant walks on campus and comments on the peace he feels.

A student begins to tremble during a short time of counsel in the office:

“I feel something different here.”

A group of students begin to laugh unto tears during our day of Fasting and Prayer.

A senior student from Colombia purchases a cookie from a street vendor and says

“God bless you!”  The man begins to shout!  He has been healed of deafness.

A freshman goes on his second trip with the ministerial team and learns how to take authority over demons.

Training in the Word and a life of devotion are a constant in this place.

In this place a life is transformed from timidity and self-absorption to influence and leadership and compassion.

In this place life-long covenants are forged of sacrifice in the pastorate or

On the foreign field.  

A young woman is here in our freshman class.  She was won to Christ by the change she saw in her incarcerated father—he, her mother’s assassin, is now part of the church leadership and is encouraging her to train in this place.

In this place a young man has reached his junior year.  He was won to Christ from a life of drug dealing and contraband and robbery.  Previously running with the demon-possessed and desperate, now he is helping to restore lives.  

In this place God is birthing dreams in his heart.

In this place there are often tears when the Word goes deep during chapel times

Or during evening services.

When a teacher interrupts class because Holy Spirit is moving.

When a student gets a slip and faces leaving due to non-payment.

Is it a special place when volunteer construction workers from Tennessee and Wisconsin and California and Missouri who never knew the school say a tearful goodbye to students they just met?

Is it a special place when there are visions and dreams that ring true in our heats?

An American visitor newly arrived:  “I saw a whirlwind of fire with the epicenter on the school swirling and sending fire around the world.”

A sophomore student:  “I saw students in prayer in a bubble of fire

About to explode.”

A junior:  “I saw hundreds of students laughing and walking around in the new building and so many people, older people unseen to them, kneeling behind the walls their hands raised in intercession.”

A church leader from Minnesota:  “You are not on the last chapter or the middle chapter but on the first chapter of the book.”

A pastor from California:  “I saw you and Sherry seated and the students as a protective circle around you, facing out, hands raised and interceding.”

An Argentine pastor:  “What is ahead is so much more.”

A graduate who ministers worldwide and spoke in chapel this week:

“I saw angels running through the buildings!”

Is it a special place when the staff keeps working year after year despite consistent shortages? 

So much going on.  So much to do.  

So much faith to keep on track with what God has shown us.  

We would give anything to work here.

We have given our all.  Staff and teachers and so many more

Have sacrificed immensely to help keep this mix viable.

This is His place

And we are His coworkers.  We belong to Him and are so grateful to serve at IBRP,

Instituto Bíblico Rio de la Plata.

A place of dreams from God, of tears, of laughter, 

Of potential projected and realized.

Craig BaumtrogComment